7 Reasons You May Love Living Abroad

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We hope you find as much pleasure living outside of your home country as we do!  Here are 7 reasons you may love living abroad.

1.  The different types of people you meet.  Not only locals, but expats and other travellers.  You will have things in common with people and feel a real connection to them.

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2. Celebrations. Events that happen during special events, holidays or for no apparent reason at all!  When you can’t take the music or noise, go out and join in.  It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

roadside fruit vendor costa rica

3.  New foods. Check out the different types of food and products in grocery stores or along the side of the road.  There will be fruits and vegetables which are in season and plentiful.  Look up new recipes for how to use them.

4.  Learning from the locals. One of my favorite things to do is learn from the locals.  My attempt at putting up a barbed wire fence was vastly inferior to the way it SHOULD have been done.  With the help of my neighbor, I was able to see how to do it easily and without getting snagged!

basilisk lizard costa rica

5. Different wildlife. Animals may often be abundant depending on whether you choose to relocate to town or country. You will never forget the first time you are sitting outside, sipping a drink and a basilisk lizard appears in the garden.

6. A slower pace. This is an acquired taste but one to savor and bring home. You’ll find your stress will slowly melt away.

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7. A new perspective. If you travel with an open mind, and we cannot fathom any other way to approach life, your new awareness of another culture will open your eyes and change you forever.

Steph is still living abroad and has no intention of returning to her homeland. There are better places in this world to live, even though they may be vastly different from what you’re used to. Once you’ve tasted the “forbidden fruit,” you may too find you don’t want to go back to the life you once knew.

What are your reasons for living abroad and how has it changed you? Leave us your comments below so we can compare notes!


About the authors

Camille ArmantroutCamille Armantrout shares life with Bob, her husband of 23 years. They gave in to wanderlust in 1997, sold nearly everything they owned, and moved to Belize, then China, Guam, Nicaragua, and, most recently, Ghana. They now find themselves at home with a community of friends in rural North Carolina. Her passions are horses, food, and woodsy walks. She writes about her adventures at Plastic Farm Animals – Where Reality Becomes Illusion.


Stephanie De La Garza

Stephanie De La Garza left the United States in 2013 to follow her dream of working with wild animals in Central America. She has lived in Costa Rica, Panama, Australia and is now a resident of New Zealand. She continues to seek out interaction with animals and humans alike and couldn’t imagine going back to the life she once knew. She blogs at Warm Reptile – Out on a Limb.

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