About the book

First, a word on what this book is not about. It is not for the casual tourist to be used as a guide book. They don’t review restaurants or places to stay. They don’t make recommendations on the best tour guides or things to do. They are not a Lonely Planet guide, nor would they want to be. This book was written for the serious traveler. More so for the individual who wants to take a stab at living abroad. They don’t sugar coat what it’s like to live in a different country. They typically don’t hang out with expats or secure themselves in gated communities away from the local population. They keep it real and they achieved that by letting you, the reader, into their personal lives.

Two Brauds Abroad is the chronicle of Camille’s move to West Africa and Stephanie’s move to Central America. It is primarily a series of conversations which took place over email. They kept that same format in the belief that people enjoy reading other people’s emails. Not surprisingly, they wanted to think outside the box and strayed from the traditional style of book. Included are powerful photographs, profound realizations, tips on how you too can blaze your own path and advice on getting around in a strange country.

Commiserate with the pair as they share their experiences of huge insects, overwhelming heat, illnesses and cultural challenges. On the flip side, they also get to see amazing things they never would have in their native countries. Beautiful tropical birds, noisy (and cheeky) monkeys, colorful local markets and the most interesting people you’d ever want to meet. A dose of humor is always present, even in their darkest hours.

They hope to encourage, enable and excite the imaginations of many who never thought it was possible to live abroad. They have proven that it can be done and believe life is too short not to. Both brauds discovered that it was cheaper to live abroad without a traditional job than it was to live in the U.S. with a full time job! Get ready to step out of your comfort zone and start building your own plan for the future!

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