Why Living Abroad May Not Be Right For You

living abroad may not be right

Although we feel that living abroad was the absolute best thing we’ve done in our lives, it certainly isn’t for everyone. We realize this and want to point out some reasons why we think living abroad may not be right for you.

1. You cringe at having to learn a new language and believe everyone will speak English.

huge insects costa rica

2. You are afraid of any and every type of insect, large or small.

3. You believe your way is the only way.

life without starbucks

4. You can’t imagine life without Starbucks.

5. You’ve discussed terms like “Type A” and “Anal Retentive” with your analyst.

6. You have no patience.

open air bedroom

7. You simply must have air conditioning and 500 thread count sheets to be comfortable.

8. Fast food chains are your main source of nutrition.

bike as main mode of transportation

9. You can’t fathom life without a car. 

10. You are not willing to risk being forever changed. As they say, you can’t go home again so don’t leave if you don’t want your life to change.

Living abroad will change the way you view the world and your fellow humans. Camille and I both agree it’s one of the best life lessons we’ve ever had. You can’t learn it from watching a TV program or reading a book (or a blog!). While it’s a scary prospect to step out of your comfort zone, it’s one of those changes that should be embraced and faced head on. Conquering your fears is what makes you a stronger person. If you have any inkling of desire inside of you and want to experience life outside of your own bubble, take the plunge. You’ll be glad you did!

Can you think up reasons to not move abroad? Share them in the comments below…we’re interested to hear your perspective!


About the authors

Camille ArmantroutCamille Armantrout shares life with Bob, her husband of 23 years. They gave in to wanderlust in 1997, sold nearly everything they owned, and moved to Belize, then China, Guam, Nicaragua, and, most recently, Ghana. They now find themselves at home with a community of friends in rural North Carolina. Her passions are horses, food, and woodsy walks. She writes about her adventures at Plastic Farm Animals – Where Reality Becomes Illusion.


Stephanie De La Garza

Stephanie De La Garza left the United States in 2013 to follow her dream of working with wild animals in Central America. She has lived in Costa Rica, Panama, Australia and is now a resident of New Zealand. She continues to seek out interaction with animals and humans alike and couldn’t imagine going back to the life she once knew. She blogs at Warm Reptile – Out on a Limb.

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