Camille’s 1996 visioning collage, the catalyst to a new life running a horseback riding outfit in Belize.

Let’s say you want to reinvent yourself, at least for a little while in some distant land. You’ve been telling yourself for some time that one day you’ll see Macchu Piccu with your own eyes, but nothing is happening. Perhaps you’re using the wrong words.
It’s been proven that our inner dialogue influences how we perceive our world, ultimately shaping how we live our lives. If you tell yourself you can’t leave home, you probably won’t. But if you begin telling yourself you are free to travel the globe, chances are you will.
Affirmations are time-tested tools for overwriting mental negatives and drawing more of what we want into our lives. When spoken aloud, an affirmation has the power to reverse years of negative conditioning.
Here are some tips to crafting effective affirmations.
Identify the problem
Listen to your own mental chatter for a few days to identify areas in need of an affirmation fix. Pay attention to what is holding you back. I can’t leave my job. I’ve got a cat. Our kids are too young. My parents are too old. My Spanish is horrible.
All of these can be turned into positives. Such as, I easily walk away from my job. My pet has found a great new home. My children travel with me. My parents are thrilled to experience my adventure vicariously. My Spanish is muy suficiente! It’s all about turning negatives into positives.
Stay in the now
Rather than say “I’d love to go to Peru,” a statement which puts your goal in the future and therefore out of reach, say “I am in Peru.” Always use present tense. You need to believe that your coveted outcome is happening now.
In addition to your verbal affirmation, use images to visualize your dream. Put pictures of Peru on your refrigerator, walls, and mirrors. Before selling everything and moving to Belize, I made a collage of my dreams. Every night before falling asleep close your eyes and imagine yourself at eight thousand feet, slightly winded and giddy in the thin air, gazing down at the terraces of Machu Piccu.
Use the right words
Words matter. Avoid words like try, should, and can. “I am conversant in Spanish,” is more effective than “I’m going to try to learn Spanish.” “I take my family with me,” is empowering whereas “I should stay close to my family” is limiting. “I am in Peru,” works better than “I can go to Peru.”
Take action
An affirmation is only a gateway to success. Once you see yourself getting what you want it will be easier to recognize opportunities which will move you closer to your goal. It’s up to you to follow through. Enroll in that Spanish course. Have that conversation with the kids. Find out how much it will cost for your first six months abroad. Say “Yes!” when a friend offers to introduce you to their South American colleague.
Follow these tips and you will easily overwrite negative thinking and eliminate obstacles. Your dreams await. Bon Voyage!

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Camille Armantrout lives among friends with her soul mate Bob in the back woods of central North Carolina where she hikes, gardens, cooks, and writes.

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